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Inquirers and Candidates

The Presbyterian Church (USA) preparation for ministry process involves two phases: Inquiry and Candidacy. These two phases are designed to explore the sense of call, evaluate the gifts necessary for ministry, and support the preparation of men and women who desire to serve as ministers of the Word and Sacrament.   

Commissioned Ruling Elders

Holston Presbytery offers the following Commissioned Ruling Elder training classes:

Level I

  • Basic Bible

  • Preaching

  • Theology

  • Polity

Level II

Evangelism, Christian Education, Avoiding Sexual Misconduct, and Self-Care
(This course is is now offered in four separate modules as an individualized, self-paced, independent course of study.)


  1. CRE LVL II - Christian Education - Self Paced.pdf

  2. CRE LVL II - Evangelism - Self Paced.pdf

  3. CRE LVL II - Avoid Sex Miscon - Self Paced.pdf

  4. CRE LVL II - Self Care - Self-Paced.pdf


To Set One's Heart by Sara Little.pdf

Sex in the Parish by Karen Lebacqz and Ronald G. Barton.pdf

Reaching Out, by Henri Nouwen.pdf

PCUSA Sexual Misconduct Policy and Its Procedures.pdf

Mission--the Small Church Reaches Out, Anthony Pappas.pdf

Inside the Small Church, Anthony Pappas, pp. 130-154, 162-170.pdf

Cultivating Wholeness by Margaret Kornfield (pp. 236-257, 281-305).pdf

Practical Psychology for Pastors.pdf

  • Counseling and Moderating the Session

Level III

  • Performing Marriages and Administering the Lord's Supper

Commissioned Ruling Elder training classes may also be taken online at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and Union Presbyterian Seminary.​


Pastor Nominating Committees

Pastoral Nominating Committee Steps

Revised On Calling a Pastor: A Manual for Churches Seeking Pastors (2015)

Church Leadership Connection

Ministry Information Forms

Personal Information Forms

Mission Study Resources

2021 Minimum Terms of Call and Sample Sabbatical Leave Policy

2021 Living by the Gospel
A guide to structuring minsters’ terms of call, and includes the latest Salaries in the Parish Ministry Salary Study and other annual effective salary data (from the Board of Pensions).

Median Effective Salaries (from the Board of Pensions)

Understanding Effective Salary (from the Board of Pensions)

Effective Salary Calculator (from the Board of Pensions)

Pastor's Participation Dues Calculator (from the Board of Pensions)

Congregational Grants

5¢ a Meal Grant Applications

The Local 5¢ a Meal Grant Application

The International 5¢ a Meal Grant Application

Complete the 5¢ a Meal Acknowledgement Form here.

Hawkins County/Church Hill Ministry Grant Application

The Hawkins County/Church Hill Ministry Grants are made possible from the sale of the Church Hill Presbyterian Church in 1999, and are disbursed by the Mission and Evangelism Committee.

Hawkins County/Church Hill Ministry Grant Application


Small Church Grant Application

The Small Church Ministry Grants are made possible from the restricted endowment of Virginia Williams, a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The grants are disbursed by the Mission and Evangelism Committee.

Small Church Ministry Grant Application


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