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Below is a comprehensive list of all congregations under the Holston Presbytery.

Search alphabetically by city, then the church's name. Click on a congregation for more information.


General Mission Board

The General Mission Board serves as the governing board, overseeing the presbytery’s work and co-ordinating its mission and programs; ensuring fullest use of all resources; recommending and initiating action when needed. Composed of chairs of all presbytery committees, plus three members-at-large. Meets quarterly, prior to each stated presbytery meeting.



Todd Jenkins

Kaye Florence

Donna Sade

Administration and Personnel Sub-Committee

Oversees the administrative work of the Presbytery, including personnel, office procedures and practices; also works with Presbytery staff to develop staffing plans and administrative needs.


Dave Welch

Jenny Clemmer

Jim Johnson

Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry counsels, supports ministers and congregations; responsible for care, nurture of presbytery member ministers and other church professionals. Serves the Presbytery, ministers and congregations as directed in the Book of Order in matters relating to ministry in local churches; examines prospective ministers, visits sessions, works with pastor nominating committees, assists pastors in continuing education. Meets monthly, third Thursday.  


Bill Anderson

Mary Jane Farmer

Allen Huff

Kaye Florence

John Grindstaff

Collin Adams

Maggie Rust

Sharon Amstutz

Rebecca Nunley

Click the book cover to download the Book of Confessions or the Book of Order in pdf format.

Click the book cover to download 신 앙 고 백 서 

or 국장로교 헌법 제II부 in pdf format.​

Click the book cover to download the Libro de Confesiones or the Libro de Orden in pdf format.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is responsible for receiving, overseeing and nurturing those under the care of the presbytery interested in following their personal calls to the ministry as Inquirers and Candidates. Meets quarterly, prior to each General Mission Board meeting.


Robert White

Brian Alderman

Sam Schaus

Bill Reese

Carolyn Russ

Nancy Johnson​

Click the book cover to download the Handbook on Standard Ordination Examinations or the Book of Order in pdf format.

Committee on Representation and Nominations

Ensures that presbytery leadership, including committees and boards, includes representatives from all areas and groups within the presbytery; promotes diversity and equal representation for ethnic groups, genders, ecclesial role (ministers and ruling elders); nominates a slate of officers and committee members to the presbytery each fall; fills any vacancies between stated meetings.


Matthew Clark

Bill Anderson

Pauline Douglas

Elizabeth Smith

Discipleship and Evangelism

The Discipleship and Evangelism Committee guides and directs the Presbytery in efforts such as the Presbytery's campus, youth, and young adult ministries, as well as congregational vitality efforts. This committee also works to develop new discipleship and evangelism programs such as Older Adult Ministry and Christian Education.


Greg Cartwright

Brandon Davis

Lori Fleenor

Barron Hopper

Campus Ministry Sub-Committee


Phyllis Thompason

Marianne Huff

Lori Fleenor

Brandon Davis

Mike Miyamoto

Mission and Outreach

The Mission and Outreach Committee provides support for work of churches through missions as it calls on us to do Christ’s work where we are. Challenges churches involvement in Five-Cents-a-Meal for local and international hunger needs; recommends actions to Presbytery regarding distribution of monies. Implements programs on ecumenical relations, peacemaking, justice, women’s concerns, human services, environment, health care, criminal justice, aging, energy, and other related issues. Oversees relationships with the Presbytery-related institutions. Meets quarterly, prior to each General Mission Board meeting.


Marshall Steinle

Donna Sade

Bishop Greene

Pat Willard

Stacy Larson

Mike Shelton

Julia Beeson

Matthew Cary

Karen Clark

Mary Ellen Elkins

Finance, Budget, and Stewardship
The Finance, Budget, and Stewardship Committee oversees the financial matters of the Presbytery. This committee works to devise and implement policies and procedures for the handing of Presbytery finances, including the handling of monies received, accounts payable, payroll, and banking relationships. It also determines available funds, makes budget decisions, and solicits funding from committees, commissions, and boards. All of these decisions are submitted to the GMB each year. This committee works with congregations by communicating congregational needs to the Presbytery, advising on matters of funding and stewardship, and providing training and counsel for grant opportunities. In cooperation with the Trustees, the Finance, Budget, and Stewardship Committee also makes recommendations on the best use and investment of funds set aside for a specific use.

Rick Raum

Ken King

Aaron Caton

David Hughes

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves as the Board of Directors of Holston Presbytery, Inc. at the direction of the General Mission Board. Meets annually in September.


Dave Light

Scott Wise

Sharon Amstutz

Matthew Clark

Dan Donaldson

John Smith

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